web-video-iconHere is a catalog of some of our favorite videos that previously were featured on our home page. Enjoy!

This video features Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara. Sales Results LLC (the legal entity behind NetWorks! Boise Valley) has been named as Nimble’s first Idaho Solution Partner. Please visit our new site at Sales Results LLC.

A great event today! For those of you who missed it, and there were plenty (smile), here is the slide presentation I used for “Add A Little Social To Your Email And CRM”. Slides on Nimble needed to be deleted until it reaches Beta.

Links to Tools Discussed

From NetWorks! Boise Member Tom Gay. Teach your clients to become referral machines ..

If you are still wondering about Social Media, you must watch this video!

Updated ….

Warning! This video may scare you. It did me (smile)

Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

Neal is both a friend and a mentor. His fantastic book, Windmill Networking, is available on Amazon and explores many things social media and all things LinkedIn. Get the book. I did and it is fantastic!

Social Media Marketing in 3 Minutes …

Via NetWorks! Boise Business Minds member, Justin Foster with Tricycle Brand Development ..

This is interesting ….. MobileDN and it has been created by a Boise company

Lot’s of “buzz” about Buzz and more than a few concerns. Still appears to be a work in progress …

This is a very interesting group collaboration tool, Wiggio. Many thanks to Jamie Lynn Morgan from NetworkInCDA for this hot tip!!

Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers – catchy tune (smile)

Is Social Media Just Hype?

Social Media for Business

Zoho CRM is used by NetWorks! Boise Valley to track each group’s opporunities