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We believe that the overall goal of any networking activity must be measured by it’s ability to create transactions for our members. Typically, transactions (business) will occur in a “one on one” environment. Therefore, the final goal is to facilitate those opportunities. To that end……….

NetWorks! recognizes that, in order to provide the most complete networking experience, and opportunities, for our membership, several methodologies must be employed:

Group Organization

It is important to point out that NetWorks! Boise is not a “member run” organization. Members make the group, however, the responsibility for all group functions is borne by the company. We feel that this is an important component that leads to the overall success of our group. The fact is, the best members in any group are also likely to be the busiest. As such, asking them (even on a rotating basis) to assume group leadership roles is counter productive to their best use of time. Also, as this is a business, we have a vested interest in exceeding member expectations in regard to both services and return on member investment. It just works.

Business Networking

This segment is fulfilled by the weekly NetWorks! meeting that is a smaller group focused on the business of business.

Social Networking

These opportunities will typically be held in a larger setting found outside of the NetWorks! group itself.  It provides our members with the chance to meet and socialize with other business professionals and to expand their networking circle. Our members are encouraged to attend other similar events such as those held by local Chambers of Commerce.

Social Business

Web based social media would be considered the new kid on the networking block. Our goal is to embrace  this technology with a vigor perhaps not found with other groups of our nature. NetWorks! does make a distinction, and places an emphasis, on what we perceive to be Social Business rather than Social Media tools.

Members are encouraged to:

  1. Utilize the functions offered by this web site
  2. Allow the use of their company information, their appropriate contact information, and links to both their websites and public profiles
  3. Establish an account on LinkedIn, professionally complete their profile, create a public profile, and permit a link from this web site to that public profile
  4. Provide links from the member’s LinkedIn profile back to this web site
  5. Where appropriate, add their LinkedIn public profile link to their electronic communications to others

Web Based CRM: The group is provided with a password protected and secure CRM where individual business opportunities are entered, tracked, and updated.

Could you provide me with a brief description of this group? The NetWorks! group is a professional networking or “leads” group where sales and marketing professionals from various industries meet, discuss, and share business related intelligence in effort to maximize each others earning powers.

So, is it like Rotary, Kiwanis, and the Chamber of Commerce? No. Rotary and Kiwanis would be considered service organizations and, while you may be presented with business opportunities as a result of membership, that is not the purpose of these clubs. The Chamber of Commerce is both business and service related but would be a more “passive” form of a networking organization. What we would call “social networking”.

I’ve been involved with leads groups before with mixed success. What makes this different? We believe that the NetWorks! group is what leads groups were designed to be, not what they typically become. We are highly selective of our members, their companies, and their industry match. We require strong commitments in terms of attendance, participation, and contributions to the group as a whole. This is an organization for the very serious only and we will not hesitate to ask members to resign if commitments are not met or standards are not maintained. And, we reward our members with unique tools to further advance their probability of success. As a “for profit” business, we must invest in your success.

My business focus is on consumers, home owners, and the like. Is this group for me? At present, no. Membership is currently limited to “Business to Business” organizations.

75% attendance is pretty intensive. I often have other commitments. Is it o.k. if I come when I can? Sorry but no. Attendance is a core function necessary for group dynamics and also builds the necessary trust factors between you and other group members. Additionally, your membership space representing your industry is secured from your competition and, if you are not there, other members are not getting the benefit of your industry participation. We do allow you to designate an alternate to attend meetings in your absence.

How long are meetings and when are they held? Meetings are held weekly and there are 48 meetings per year. NetWorks! meetings are designed to run one hour and they do start and end on time.  Meetings do include your meal. Our group meets Wednesdays at 11:45 AM.

What are the dues to join? Presently, NetWorks! dues are paid on a quarterly schedule that results in annual dues of $1,392 (includes meals). Not much of an investment when you consider what you get, your “Return on Investment”. Typical leads groups may range from those meeting for coffee on no particular schedule and having a round-table discussion to other groups that are more formally organized and include meals.  So, what do you get with NetWorks!? Certainly, there are the refreshments, the camaraderie, and the qualified leads. Additionally, we offer interactive web based CRM software designed to maximize your business opportunities. No other group that we are aware of offers anything remotely similar to this software. In the end, it is all about Return on Investment (ROI). If you are a commissioned sales representative and, say you get 10% commission on sales, if you can’t sell an additional $14,000 annually as a result of this group, we would suggest that you may have chosen the wrong career path.

What does it take to be successful in this group? Be there, participate, contribute, and be active. That’s it. We know of several successful sales representatives who have done just that in marginally organized leads groups, that do not feature the format and tools provided by NetWorks!, who have earned commissions multiple times over their quarterly membership fees. Now, associate that same person in a group of 20-25 people who share their work ethic and commitment to success….you can clearly see the possibilities.

Please tell me more about the CRM. Customer Relationship Management. CRM is software which allows you to not only track contact names and specifics and maintain your calendar, it also allows you to: track opportunities, sales results, create and manage marketing campaigns, and communicate in a timely fashion with clients and prospects. The full list of features is extremely extensive. In the environment of the group, it becomes a central interactive data base of lead information and progress that is available to, and constantly updated, by all group members. It becomes fully dynamic. Many organized leads groups will take member leads, compile them into a list (just a list) and email this list to members. From there, those members who are aggressive will each work that list independently, which means that no other member benefits from their efforts. And why should they? CRM takes the lead qualification process, and resulting successes, to an easy to use and, until now, totally unavailable level. It harnesses, and makes available to all members, the power of the total group membership. Your “member services group” maintains the data base including lead entry and pre-qualification of lead information.

What are the conditions of my continued membership? Assuming that you fit the member and group profile and are invited to join, you will be expected to: attend a minimum of 75% of all meetings, be to meetings on time (people who come in habitually late destroy group dynamics and will be asked to resign), provide a minimum of two good leads weekly that you did not read about in the paper (see “good lead”), actively update the CRM database, conduct business in a professional manner, maintain confidentially of lead sources and members as the rule and not an exception, not share group leads with other networking organizations, and pay your dues on time. If you are not comfortable with these commitments, please do not apply. If you can not, for any reason, maintain these commitments, please offer your resignation and your place to another who can. It’s not personal. We wish you great success. It’s purely business.

What is a “good lead”? A good lead would be something you know about that would not be considered to be widely known. Most members read the newspaper but we all have projects that we are working on which few others may be aware of. And we have contact names and phone numbers for these clients and prospects. That information constitutes a “good lead”. Something about the project like what exactly is going on. That being said, we are all working on some projects that we do not want published at all or only want made available to select people. We respect that and there is a vehicle for those situations. Once again, our strong requirements regarding member applications and commitments, play a huge role in all members getting to know one another and build to a relationship based on trust. It’s a winning formula.

Is this group designed for a particular type of sales person? First let us say that membership is not limited to those whose primary duties are in a sales related role. As examples, you will rarely find people who are in professional industries such as attorneys, engineers, and accountants who consider themselves to be sales people. But they do share a common interest in building their respective businesses and client bases. For those of us who do consider ourselves sales people, and have no problem with that moniker, we would say that same goals apply. At the same time, this group is well designed for sales people whose responsibilities include a strong requirement for both prospecting and building new business. Please see the page on this site titled “Are We Right For You?“. Group size will be limited to a maximum of 25.

What qualifies you to facilitate the group? Forty years in successful business to business selling, management, and ownership positions. Many years as a training consultant developing materials and conducting sales training at both the business and university levels. Twenty-five years of experience working with CRM software. Twenty plus years of experience participating in, and creating, networking organizations.

Adaptive Business Services – Craig M. Jamieson – 208.340.9546 – craig@adaptive-business.com .