Press Release – Virginia Cunningham to Assume Ownership Role in NetWorks! Boise

January 10, 2018 – Boise, Idaho

NetWorks! Boise, a business-to-business networking organization that meets weekly for lunch, announced today that Virginia Cunningham has entered into an agreement with Craig M. Jamieson where she will gradually be assuming ownership of the group. This transaction will take place over the next four to five years.

The announcement to the group members from Craig M. Jamieson:

I am very pleased to announce today that Virginia will be taking on an ownership position with the group. There are number of reasons for my excitement …

  • I know that you all love and respect Virginia as much as she loves and respects all of you!
  • The group will continue and in the same format.
  • You will see no drop offs in the group’s services. We will continue to look at new ways to improve your experience.
  • I get somebody to strategize with! I have known Virginia longer than anyone and our core values and goals have always been in sync.

Effective today, Virginia and I will be alternating meeting coverage. We have also purchased a second projector so that one will be available at all meetings. I will be gradually schooling Virginia in all aspects of our operations. We will jointly make decisions regarding group policies. Of course, your input is always welcome and considered!

This additional free time will allow me to put added effort into finding, and bringing on, new quality members. Please join me in congratulating Virginia and a big thank you to our group’s attorney, Kristin Bjorkman-Dunn, for her help in putting our agreement together!

NetWorks! Boise is one of the services offered by Adaptive Business Services which will continue to be wholly owned and operated by Craig M. Jamieson. For information regarding NetWorks!, or for inquiring about potential membership in the group, please contact us via our website at

10 Reasons You’d Be Nuts To Not Want To Join NetWorks! Boise

In the spirit of David Letterman, here are our top 10 reasons for seriously considering applying for membership in NetWorks! Boise Valley B2B Leads Group …

10. You get fed a great lunch every week! Come on … we know that you go out at least once a week for lunch or for a frosty cold one. Your meal is worth probably close to half of your dues and, it get’s better! It’s like taking 15 people or more out to lunch every week and they all go dutch! Furthermore, (ask your accountant) your dues should be 100% tax deductible!

9. You will rub elbows with the best! And, you will build relationships that will last a lifetime! Your fellow members are well connected and are committed to seeing your business grow!

8. Every week you will receive business intelligence not yet on the street. Or, for that matter, not yet in the paper or on the news! What’s it like being able to be the first person tracking on this new opportunity and being ahead of your competitors? It rocks! Continue reading “10 Reasons You’d Be Nuts To Not Want To Join NetWorks! Boise”

NetWorks! Boise Valley – Who Are We?

First and foremost, we are committed to your success! We are a Boise leads group that meets weekly for lunch in the Boise, Idaho area. Membership is limited to one member per industry classification. While not exclusively B2B, are membership is sharply focused on this market segment.

Our purpose is, quite simply, to leverage the power of the group to increase the revenues of each individual member and that is done via general leads and specific member introductions and referrals. Now, there are a large number of similar groups in the area so what makes us different? Continue reading “NetWorks! Boise Valley – Who Are We?”

WANTED! New Members For NetWorks! Boise Valley – $50 REWARD!

We are actively looking for new members for NetWorks! Boise Valley and here is your chance to cash in on our need! NetWorks! Boise Valley is a B2B networking group that meets weekly for lunch in the Boise area. Our group is limited to one member per industry classification only. Our members are very serious about networking and we provide them with the tools and the atmosphere needed to maximize their return on investment!

There are two ways to claim your $50 reward …

  • Refer somebody you know to our group and, if we have an opening and they actually join and submit their first quarter dues, you will get $50 by cash or by check.
  • Turn yourself in and become a member and we will apply that $50 to your first quarter dues or we can give you $50 by cash or by check after you have paid your first quarter dues.

Continue reading “WANTED! New Members For NetWorks! Boise Valley – $50 REWARD!”

Defining The Consummate NetWorks! Boise Member

The other day I was pondering the question … “What characteristics make up the consummate NetWorks! Boise member?” Actually, I think about that a lot. Some members in our group do extremely well while others … not so much. We have guests who attend our meetings who would be perfect for our group, and who by all indications would be extremely successful, yet they choose not to join. Hmmm. Here is how I would define that perfect member. They …

Have a target market that is business – We have made the choice to focus our group on B2B vs. B2C. In this way, our members share a common target market. We do have members who do both and even have a few who I would say are primarily B2C. B2C members will rely largely on referrals and introductions vs. general leads. That’s great but, those do take more time as our current members will need to get to know that new member fairly well before they will directly refer them to one of their accounts or friends. At the same time, this B2C member will be expected to contribute B2B leads as that is the focus of our groups. Continue reading “Defining The Consummate NetWorks! Boise Member”

Instead Of Whining About Your Networking Group … Dial Up Your ROI

This is going to be one of my “tough love” posts 🙂 Let’s start this conversation by defining ROI. That stands for Return on Investment and not Return on Expense. Who expects a return on an expense (ROE) anyway? I’ve never even heard of that term before. However, every day we make investments with the hope, the expectation, of receiving some form of return. How many of you out there have actually invested in yourself? Invested in your own success? Investing in a networking group, any networking group, in terms of time and money, is exactly that. It is an investment and it in no way should this be confused with being an expense.

Still, I hear this all the time … “My company won’t pay my dues”. Assuming that your compensation is at least partially based on your ability to generate new revenues, I’d have to ask … “Why should they?” Of course, if they do, that’s very nice but, if you can invest $100 (time and money) a week and get $200 back in return and you won’t do it because your company won’t pay for your dues, who’s not the sharpest knife in this drawer? If on the other hand, you are a salaried employee, I would expect your company to pay. Enough said about that. Continue reading “Instead Of Whining About Your Networking Group … Dial Up Your ROI”

NetWorks! Boise 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee & Cancel At Any Time!

Why is it that some folks find success with networking groups (ours or anybody else’s) while others do not? Even for those who experience a modicum of success, and this may be enough to meet their personal goals, wouldn’t it be great if they received a maximum return on their investment? I’ve been a member a number of groups over the past 20 years and even with those groups that were poor at best, I always found above average success. It was really pretty easy. I attended the meetings, actively participated, and did both religiously. For the most part, those were all of the tools that these groups offered … a place to meet and a chance to share. At NetWorks! Boise, we offer all of that and much much more. Your $348 quarterly dues includes: Continue reading “NetWorks! Boise 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee & Cancel At Any Time!”