Social Networking For Those Of Us Who Are Not Particularly Social

Does social networking work for those of us who are not particularly social? What about those of us who are private by nature or have concerns regarding privacy in general? Are any of these platforms great places for introverts to hang out? The simple fact is, you can be effective on social networking sites and you don’t have to be particularly social in order to be so.

I know this to be true because I meet or exceed all of the above mentioned concerns. My focus tends to be task oriented. I’m intently private with all those who I am not close to. My cynical nature constantly fuels my privacy concerns. That being said, there is a HUGE difference between somebody who is social on the surface and somebody who is relationship oriented to the bone. Who will be more successful in the long run? The social butterfly who flits from person to person at a party or the relationship-builder who has deep and meaningful conversations with the few? Continue reading “Social Networking For Those Of Us Who Are Not Particularly Social”

Instead Of Whining About Your Networking Group … Dial Up Your ROI

This is going to be one of my “tough love” posts 🙂 Let’s start this conversation by defining ROI. That stands for Return on Investment and not Return on Expense. Who expects a return on an expense (ROE) anyway? I’ve never even heard of that term before. However, every day we make investments with the hope, the expectation, of receiving some form of return. How many of you out there have actually invested in yourself? Invested in your own success? Investing in a networking group, any networking group, in terms of time and money, is exactly that. It is an investment and it in no way should this be confused with being an expense.

Still, I hear this all the time … “My company won’t pay my dues”. Assuming that your compensation is at least partially based on your ability to generate new revenues, I’d have to ask … “Why should they?” Of course, if they do, that’s very nice but, if you can invest $100 (time and money) a week and get $200 back in return and you won’t do it because your company won’t pay for your dues, who’s not the sharpest knife in this drawer? If on the other hand, you are a salaried employee, I would expect your company to pay. Enough said about that. Continue reading “Instead Of Whining About Your Networking Group … Dial Up Your ROI”

“I’m On Commission. I Can’t Afford NetWorks! Boise’s Dues!”

First let me state that NetWorks! Boise is not just for salespeople. Some of our best members are business owners & serve in a variety of capacities other than sales. That being said, if you are a commissioned salesperson and you are of the opinion that you can’t afford our dues, is that a joke? It must be because you can’t afford not to belong to NetWorks! Boise Valley! If you are a crummy salesperson, that’s different. Then again, we don’t want crummy salespeople anyway. NetWorks! Boise Valley is, quite frankly, a “no brainer” if you are at least partially compensated on your selling efforts and those efforts include cultivating new business.

Still, I hear it all the time …. “I can’t afford the $29 per week dues ($348/quarter) and my company won’t pay them for me.” Are you compensated, at least partially, by commission? Do you eat out for lunch at least once per week or do you “brown bag” it? How about coffee or a tasty adult beverage with a client or co-worker? Do you ever take clients to lunch?

Let’s talk about priorities and simple math. Your investment in NetWorks! Boise Valley is …. Continue reading ““I’m On Commission. I Can’t Afford NetWorks! Boise’s Dues!””

Sorry But, I Have No Leads To Share

Say what!? Last time I checked this was a leads group and you and everyone else in this room agreed that we would share leads. Weekly. “I don’t have any leads” just don’t work. We don’t do “empty hands” here 🙂 Sure, there are occasions when everyone will have a day when he or she comes up short, however, this should be the very rare exception to the rule and not the norm. Fact is, there are great leads everywhere and all you need to do is to open your eyes and your ears and carry a voice recorder (your phone probably has one) or a notepad. Being open to gathering great leads for others is merely a state of mind.

In my play book, there are three basic kinds of leads and all of them are valuable: Continue reading “Sorry But, I Have No Leads To Share”

You’ve Joined A Leads Group. Now What?

Despite the explosion of Social Media, make no mistake about it, there is still a place in the business world for the traditional “Leads Group”. While Social Media is a great tool for reaching out and finding new connections, networking remains very much a contact sport. Nothing can replace getting “nose-to-nose and toes-to-toes”, doing it on a regular schedule, and doing it with the people you have built a relationship with!

Therefore, if you have taken the first step and joined a local group, you might as well take those critical steps that will be necessary in order for you to ensure your success. I recommend a two-stage process which will involve a minimum commitment from you, to the group, of six months. If you are unable or unwilling to follow these suggestions, save yourself both the time and the money and don’t even get started. On the other hand, if you are ready to substantially increase your earnings, please read on ….. Continue reading “You’ve Joined A Leads Group. Now What?”

Behold …. The Power Of Networking!

Last week was a fairly important one for me. I had the privilege of conducting a workshop at Meridian Business Day and next Wednesday we will have a table at the Ultra Clean Smoke Out. While preparations for all of these were going on, another opportunity presented itself and then rapidly became a reality. I had looked at Meridian Business Day as a chance to perhaps re-wet my feet in an arena that I was successful in some 20 years ago …. workshops and seminars. Instead, it became a vehicle for the soft announcement of those services as well as my recent designation as Idaho’s first authorized “Nimble SCRM Solutions Partner” which is a venture that I will team with SEN Technologies. Somehow, somewhere, the memo I wrote myself about slowing down got lost. Continue reading “Behold …. The Power Of Networking!”

Leverage What You Have & Get What You Need

The inspiration for this post actually came from one of our NetWorks! Boise Valley members who was struggling with his decision whether or not to remain with his group. I’ve heard the arguments (excuses) many times before …. “I’m just not getting enough out of the group” or “The people in the group are not really the people that I need to be networking with. I need people (industries) more like …..” As it turns out, this individual consulted others and made the right decision to stay. I have no idea what pearls of wisdom he received but, here is what I have would have told him and others … Continue reading “Leverage What You Have & Get What You Need”