Instead Of Whining About Your Networking Group … Dial Up Your ROI

This is going to be one of my “tough love” posts ūüôā Let’s start this conversation by defining ROI. That stands for Return on Investment¬†and not Return on Expense. Who expects a return on an expense (ROE) anyway? I’ve never even heard of that term before. However, every day we make investments with the hope, the expectation, of receiving some form of return. How many of you out there have actually invested in yourself? Invested in your own success? Investing in a networking group, any networking group, in terms of time and money, is exactly that. It is an investment and it in no way should this be confused with being an expense.

Still, I hear this all the time … “My company won’t pay my dues”. Assuming that your compensation is at least partially based on your ability to generate new revenues, I’d have to ask … “Why should they?” Of course, if they do, that’s very nice but, if you can invest $100 (time and money) a week and get $200 back in return and you¬†won’t do it because your company won’t pay for your dues, who’s not the sharpest knife in this drawer? If on the other hand, you are a salaried employee, I would expect your company to pay. Enough said about that. Continue reading “Instead Of Whining About Your Networking Group … Dial Up Your ROI”

If We Were The Lowest Price, You Would Be A Trained Monkey

For the majority of my career, I ran sales teams. I was constantly amused and perplexed by the statement that most, if not all, sales managers have heard over and over again … “I lost the deal because our price is too high!”.

I can only speak for myself but, about the only time that I buy an item based on price alone is if I do not perceive that there is any value associated with paying more. Canned corn comes to mind. I buy store brands. So what do I tell these salespeople?

“If we were the lowest price, I wouldn’t need you. All I would need is a trained monkey to take the orders.”

And, if you could process the paperwork correctly, that would make you a highly trained monkey. Seriously, what are salespeople good for if they can’t properly justify the price we are asking for our product or service? They expect us to be the lowest price and still pay them the highest commissions? Don’t answer that (smile). Here is another one of my favorites …

“There is no honor in being low bid”

Why? See trained monkey. Conversely, there is great honor in being high bid. You have demonstrated that you have a superior product/service and that it presents a better value than that which was¬†offered¬†by your competitors. And regarding your competitors, they have been stunned!¬†They are forced to go back to the barn with the full knowledge that they could not even make the sale based on being the lowest price. How demoralizing is that? Things that make me (smile). Continue reading “If We Were The Lowest Price, You Would Be A Trained Monkey”

On Being The Bearer Of Bad News

For the majority of my professional career, I was plagued by two overwhelming deficiencies – I was a terrible procrastinator and whenever something went wrong with a project, anything went wrong, I was struck by a paralyzing fear and panic that precluded me from taking any meaningful action to correct it let alone bring it to my customer’s attention. Of course, my procrastination was often the cause of these issues and they also carried over to my personal life. Approximately six years ago I experienced a life-changing event and, for whatever reason, my procrastination and fear disappeared practically overnight. I really can’t explain it other than to say that it did involve a “spiritual awakening”. The benefits soon became apparent in many ways.

Prior to this, if something went haywire with a project, I was consumed with: “How and what do I tell my customer?”¬†“Will I lose the deal?”¬†“Will they yell at me!?”¬†My fears were generally far in excess of reality, however, there were a number of major opportunities that I had to literally scramble in order to salvage. The worst part of all remained my fear, the panic, and my paralyzation. Continue reading “On Being The Bearer Of Bad News”

Yet Another Post On The Topic Of Referrals

This is not the first time we have written on this topic and it certainly won’t be the last. Referrals are a hot topic. Everybody wants them and nobody seems to think that they are getting their fair share. ¬†Unfortunately, you can’t just show up at a meeting or meet somebody for the first time and expect to receive a referral for your efforts. Referrals must be earned and, like anything worth having, that takes time, patience, and effort. Read W.O.R.K.

Today I would like to examine referrals from a couple of different angles. We will discuss earning them, training your good sources to give them, and a few of the missed opportunities where you can turn general information into potentially powerful referrals. Specifically, we are going to talk about getting referrals in a networking group from other group members.

Start by looking in the mirror…. Continue reading “Yet Another Post On The Topic Of Referrals”

What Would Your Customer Say About Buying From You?

Or, are you too afraid to ask? That’s a bit of a loaded question. A lot of salespeople I know are either too afraid to ask their customers how they are doing, are too afraid of the answer, or see little to no benefit in doing so. Sad on all three counts. So, how would your customers rate you in the following categories (in no particular order)? Continue reading “What Would Your Customer Say About Buying From You?”

Upset Customer? Opportunity Knocks!

If you were to ask most companies what their goal might be in regard to customer relations, many would probably say that they want their customers to be “satisfied” with their product or service. They want them to be “happy”. Well, especially today, “happy” and “satisfied” just ain’t gonna’ cut it. If you want to create a memorable experience for your client, the goal of “meeting their expectations” has to be replaced by “far exceeding their expectations”. Think about the following ….. Continue reading “Upset Customer? Opportunity Knocks!”

Behold …. The Power Of Networking!

Last week was a fairly important one for me. I had the¬†privilege¬†of conducting a workshop at Meridian Business Day and next Wednesday we will have a table at the Ultra Clean Smoke Out. While preparations for all of these were going on, another opportunity presented itself and then rapidly became a reality. I had looked at Meridian Business Day as a chance to perhaps re-wet my feet in an arena that I was successful in some 20 years ago …. workshops and seminars. Instead, it became a vehicle for the soft announcement of those services as well as my recent designation as Idaho’s first authorized “Nimble SCRM Solutions Partner” which is a venture that I will team with SEN Technologies. Somehow, somewhere, the memo I wrote myself about slowing down got lost. Continue reading “Behold …. The Power Of Networking!”