Bill Rauer, President – W.V. Rauer Business Coaching Inc. – NBV Member

Summary Bio: Over his 30+ year career Bill has worked with and for businesses at every level – Fortune 25 to his own sole-proprietor/sole-employee companies. His Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Business Administration degrees combine with his broad experience to provide knowledge and wisdom that is rare in the Treasure Valley.

Company Address: 2656 S. Old Hickory Way, Boise, ID 83716

Mobile Phone: (208)871-7767

Email Address:



What services do you provide? One-on-one coaching, group coaching, training, and consulting using time-tested and proven techniques.

  1. How do these services help your clients? Unlock hidden potential enabling their business to reach the “next level”.
  1. What are important things that members should know about you and your business? Every client engagement is unique and customized to meet and exceed the client’s needs and expectations. This includes the cost of engagement.
  1. What constitutes a good lead for you? “It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I work; I just can’t get ahead.” “I haven’t taken a ‘real’ vacation in years.” “I’d like to sell my business, but I’m sure I can’t get enough money from it.” “My employees just don’t get it.” “If I’d known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have started/bought my business in the first place.”
  1. Please describe who you call on. Business owners/leaders and HR generalists.
  1. What is the best way for someone to provide a lead or referral to you? Provide me the name and contact information, and let me know the contact is ready for me to contact them.
  1. Are there trigger events that might create an opportunity for you? Expansion, new people, people moving up, contractions, etc.
  1. How early do you need to be in on a deal? As weird as it sounds, anytime.
  1. Do you have a target market? Businesses with top-line revenues between $1 and $15 million per year.
  1. How can other members best help you? Introduce me to your boss to set up a training event.
  1. How can you help other members? I’ve worked with sales and marketing professionals to develop innovative ways to expand or augment their book of business. I’m happy to share my approaches with members for the cost of a cup of coffee.

Author: Craig M. Jamieson

Craig M. Jamieson is a lifelong B2B salesperson, manager, owner, and a networking enthusiast. Adaptive Business Services provides solutions related to the sales professional including Boise's best B2B leads groups, NetWorks! Boise Valley. We are a Nimble SCRM and a HootSuite Solution Partner and a Value Added Associate for TTI Performance Systems. Craig also conducts training and workshops primarily in social selling.