Clint Paskewitz, Strategic Insurance & Risk Advisor – Associated Insurance Services, LLC – NBV Member

Clint New 200Summary Bio: Since 2000, I’ve worked with businesses to help them manage and optimize their risk. Those risks take many forms – from safety and security, to time and money. By guiding my clients through a risk management strategy that is specifically customized to their business and industry, I work to help protect the overall value of their business.  Continue reading “Clint Paskewitz, Strategic Insurance & Risk Advisor – Associated Insurance Services, LLC – NBV Member”

Craig M. Jamieson, Managing Member – Adaptive Business Services – NBV Member

Picture of me 1Summary Bio: I have been in B2B sales continuously since 1977 and have held a variety of positions including sales manager, regional sales manager, national sales manager, district manager, and business owner. My book, “The Small Business’ Guide to Social CRM”, is available on Amazon and I have been recognized by numerous publications as a top selling expert and influencer. Continue reading “Craig M. Jamieson, Managing Member – Adaptive Business Services – NBV Member”

Skip Anderson, Riverside Management Company – NBV Member

Skip Anderson - Riverside Management

Summary Bio: I have been in the real estate management industry since 1989 and have owned and invested in many businesses and institutions in Idaho, currently including three real estate management companies.  I’ve also held many designations and positions in professional and volunteer organizations including Certified Property Manager®, Accredited Residential Manager®, IREM® Ethics Committee Chair, IREM® Regional Vice President, and IREM® Chapter President numerous times. Continue reading “Skip Anderson, Riverside Management Company – NBV Member”

10 Reasons You’d Be Nuts To Not Want To Join NetWorks! Boise

In the spirit of David Letterman, here are our top 10 reasons for seriously considering applying for membership in NetWorks! Boise Valley B2B Leads Group …

10. You get fed a great lunch every week! Come on … we know that you go out at least once a week for lunch or for a frosty cold one. Your meal is worth probably close to half of your dues and, it get’s better! It’s like taking 15 people or more out to lunch every week and they all go dutch! Furthermore, (ask your accountant) your dues should be 100% tax deductible!

9. You will rub elbows with the best! And, you will build relationships that will last a lifetime! Your fellow members are well connected and are committed to seeing your business grow!

8. Every week you will receive business intelligence not yet on the street. Or, for that matter, not yet in the paper or on the news! What’s it like being able to be the first person tracking on this new opportunity and being ahead of your competitors? It rocks! Continue reading “10 Reasons You’d Be Nuts To Not Want To Join NetWorks! Boise”

NetWorks! Boise Valley – Who Are We?

First and foremost, we are committed to your success! We are a Boise leads group that meets weekly for lunch in the Boise, Idaho area. Membership is limited to one member per industry classification. While not exclusively B2B, are membership is sharply focused on this market segment.

Our purpose is, quite simply, to leverage the power of the group to increase the revenues of each individual member and that is done via general leads and specific member introductions and referrals. Now, there are a large number of similar groups in the area so what makes us different? Continue reading “NetWorks! Boise Valley – Who Are We?”

Sales Tip – Crisis … Where Danger Meets Opportunity!

In Chinese the word “Crisis” is represented by two characters. One means danger and the other means opportunity. In sales, any crisis while dangerous it may be, also represents your best opportunity ever to gain a customer for life! Or you can lose one forever. This choice is yours. The key to comprehending this concept lies in our ability to understand customer expectations and how those relate to rating their buying experience.

When I buy a new product or I invest in a new service, I expect it to perform in a certain way. If it does just that, meet my expectations, this buying experience for me is marked “neutral”. I got what I expected. If  that doesn’t happen, mark my buying experience as “negative”. If the product or service exceeds my expectations we have a “positive” experience. Here’s the rub. Even with a neutral or positive experience, the cynic in me is always wondering … “What happens when this thing breaks? Will the service I receive be terrible, exemplary, or somewhere in between?” I simply don’t/won’t know the answer to these questions until that dreaded episode occurs and, trust me, it will. Continue reading “Sales Tip – Crisis … Where Danger Meets Opportunity!”

Sales Tip – Be Responsive!

You can take this tip to the bank! Salespeople have always displayed varying degrees of responsiveness to client needs but today, this quality damn near seems to be a lost art. And, if you are dealing with a client who demonstrates a high sense of urgency, this characteristic isn’t even optional. If you want their business, you too will need to step up your pace. Let’s look at this another way. In a competitive situation, with all things being equal, who will get the business? Will it be the “highly responsive salesperson” or the one who “gets to it when it is convenient”? If you chose the latter … I sure hope that you will be more successful in your next selection of  a career.

What is responsive? Actually, it is a lot of different things, It is … Continue reading “Sales Tip – Be Responsive!”